COP27: Does it matter?

  • Nov. 24, 2022

By Emilia Isaacs


Beach Collective is a blockchain enabled climate tech platform is building a blue circular economy that funds clean oceans and blue carbon initiatives every time someone transacts using their native currency $BEACH. Rather than paying card fees to Visa or Mastercard, when you transact using $BEACH you pay the planet and oceans.


From November 6th to 18th, the UN Climate Conference, commonly known as COP27, was hosted in Sharm El Sheikh, and attended by two of the founding members of the Beach Collective, and our COO Rob gave a press conference about the power of re-designing money and social media for our planet. Any time that world leaders, stakeholders and other invested parties unite for the wellbeing of our planet at an event such as this, the world takes notice. The past failings of outcomes to be actualised, such as those of COP26, may be of assistance here, as H.E. Mr. Sameh Shoukry, President of COP27, has recognised and admitted the preceding ‘speech without action’ problem. So, why is COP27 any different, and how can it help us to Do Good With Every Transaction’.


Firstly the current state of the world is clearly perilous.. As war is fought, cost of living crises are tackled and intolerance has not yet been flattened, it becomes increasingly easy to let these problems overpower and overwhelm the growing climate crisis. But we have to find balance, and not let our planet’s cries for help fall on deaf ears.


This, ultimately is why COP27 is important. Alongside it being a momentous occasion, which saw the US President and UK Prime Minister make an appearance, it could be the start of a turning point, in the way in which the world addresses climate change. More is riding on COP27 than ever before. It must make up for false hope and unfulfilled promises and put genuine plans behind empty words. This year, the conference spotlighted young voices making a huge impact, demonstrating their awareness of how this is affecting the younger generations, and why their voices need to be heard. This aligns with the already in-action Beach Collective focus, as they combine innovative technology and an intuitive social platform with the preservation of the planet.


COP27 succeeded in opening a dialogue. It succeeded in securing funds and beginning to make repairs for the immense damage done to countries on the frontlines of climate change, named a ‘loss and damage fund’. It was a step forward, but the marathon is yet to be run. The upcoming UN Biodiversity Conference will seek to address these ongoing issues and provide yet another forum for discussion. However, let’s be clear: discussion is not action. Passive participation and conversation will not begin the process of reversing the damage that we have done to our planet. Just as Antonio Guterres, Secretary General of the Conference made abundantly clear, ‘Together, let’s not relent in the fight for climate justice and climate ambition’.


So, join $BEACH today, and help us add to the 150,000kg+ of waste already cleared from the oceans, the mangroves we have restored in three countries and the actions we continue to take to protect marine life and habitats. Simply by using $BEACH as a currency you help fund all of that. Better still, take action yourself and register the action on Beach Action. At the Beach Collective, we are prioritising direct climate action and ocean regeneration, and following on from COP27’s focus on implementation, hopefully the rest of the world are too.



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