Climate Market Infrastructure-as-a-Service

Robert Cobbold


Feb. 2, 2023

The Beach Collective provides Climate Market Infrastructure-as-a-Service (CMaaS) bringing together consumers, brands and causes across the 5 C’s: Currency and Community (horizontals), and Commerce, CSR and Carbon (verticals). 


So what precisely is Climate Market Infrastructure-as-a-Service? 


Market infrastructure refers to the systems, technology, and institutions that facilitate a market. Market infrastructure plays a crucial role in ensuring the efficient functioning of markets, promoting transparency, and maintaining market integrity.


Climate Market Infrastructure simply provides the same systems and technologies for the sustainable economy - from Commerce to CSR to Carbon. Put more simply, the Beach Collective provides the rails for the sustainable economy, allowing individuals, corporates and causes to exchange value across our three verticals. We facilitate everything from buying a pair of trainers made out of ocean trash, to minting and selling a carbon credit.


We do this primarily by providing both a means of exchange ($BEACH), a network (Beach Action), a payment app (Beach Pay), a marketplace (Beach Shop), as well as technologies which allow for the minting, trading and regulation of carbon credits (Beach Carbon).


These tools allow us to knit together consumers, brands and causes in an economy built on fair, transparent and sustainable principles. Currently - as anyone who’s taken a look at what’s happening around the world - our market infrastructure is failing to deliver these outcomes.


While we have found competitors who are attempting to achieve parts of what we are doing (e.g. an ocean-friendly currency or blockchain-based carbon credits), no-one that we’ve come across appears to be innovating at the same systemic level. Since the Beach Collective is the first of its kind for the sustainable economy, this gives us a first-mover advantage. It also allows us to capitalize on a powerful network effect. 


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