Building a Circular Economy in Kakuma Refugee Camp

  • May 17, 2022

Since we began our partnership with the Beach Collective last year and have been organising a weekly clean up of Kakuma Refugee Camp with 30 women we have managed to improve much on the standard life of the community in different ways including improving the cleanliness of the environment, the fertility of the soil and recycling plastic waste materials and fabrication of new tangible assets such as plastic chairs, tables, plates, basins, canteens, etc…


After doing a lot of investigation into how women are always the victims of the hardships of life faced here in Kakuma refugee camp, we came up with the project of collecting plastic and solid waste materials aiming at empowering them within the community. 


Since the commencement and launching of the partnership with the Beach Collective we have been holding various meetings with our community and also training them about entrepreneurial skills so they can be able to set up business and be self-employed. 


As such, Faulu Productions was lucky to win a grant from the Korea SHE Foundation to build a shop that can be a sustainable source of income for our clean ups. The funding will also allow us to collect and build ecobricks – plastic bottles stuffed with waste - that will be used for the shop construction. 


We have decided to call the shop Matumaini Shop, which means “hope”.


Moreover, the business will create a favorable price for its customers unlike the higher price set for many necessities in the camp. Moreover, the funding will offer a chance to many other community members to get informed on environmental issues via training that will be organized. 


Through the building and running of Matumaini Shop, our beneficiaries will necessarily contribute to the progress of the community and better sustainability of their daily lives.


The building of Matumaini Shop has already begun thanks to the starting capital from the Korea SHE foundation, and we are hoping to renew the funding in 6 months time. 


We highly anticipate great things both for the partnership with the Beach Collective, the weekly camp cleanups and Matumaini Shop, all in order to create a circular economy and improve the livelihood of the local residents in Kakuma Refugee Camp.


by Ismail Abdalla, Founder of Faulu Productions


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