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  • Feb. 21, 2023

A recent study found that 69 percent of US consumers say a product’s environmental impact is important to their purchasing decision and as many as 60 percent are more likely to buy stock in a company that is perceived as sustainable, versus one that is not. (

Sustainable companies also have a much easier time hiring employees - 64% of millennials won’t take a job if their employer doesn’t have a strong corporate social responsibility policy (


Consumers, shareholders and employees are increasingly demanding that companies meet minimum standards of sustainability and social responsibility, with plastic, carbon neutrality and equity are some of the key metrics which companies will be judged against.


Practically speaking this means that companies need not only to “walk the walk” but also to communicate that effectively to their various stakeholders.


The Beach Collective are in the process of launching a suite of CSR (corporate social responsibility) solutions that promise both greater impact and greater visibility than anything else on the market.


Using our social platform Beach Action, Beach CSR combines traditional CSR with social media ad spend to help sustainable brands and businesses reach their target audience.


The Beach Collective offer three kinds of CSR packages:


1 - Sponsored $BEACH rewards


This is when a company decides to sponsor the automatic $BEACH rewards that individuals around the world receive for taking planet-friendly actions, whether it’s planting a tree in their back garden or eating a vegan meal.


Initially these rewards will be spread out automatically by our algorithm, but soon we will offer brands the chance to tailor their sponsorship to target that market. So, for example, a women’s sustainable active-wear brand can dedicate a portion of their sponsorship to target women aged 18-35 within the geography they ship to. So if you fall into that category and you register an action on Beach Action within a given timeframe, then the rewards that land in your Beach Bag will be sponsored by GNGR Bees and will come with a logo impression which clicks through to their products on Beach Shop. The same could also apply to a bar on the beach in Tulum which only wants to sponsor actions taken within a 1km radius – so if you pick up a plastic bottle further down the $BEACH, you receive a reward and are simultaneously alerted to the bar’s presence. So if you choose, you can walk down the $BEACH to redeem your rewards for a vegan burger.


2 – Offset packages


This is when a company decides to buy a certain number of kgs of plastic which have been cleared from the oceans, or a certain number of trees which have been planted. Perhaps the company wants to call themselves “plastic neutral”. Perhaps they are hoping to entice potential customers with the promise that “every T-shirt bought clears a kg of plastic from the oceans”. Or perhaps it’s a matched reward (“every employee who plants a tree this month, we will plant a tree to match it”) and they need a delivery partner. Either way – we’re here for them.


Offset packages which focus on plastic will come with a certified “plastic credit” as an NFT certifying that a certain number of kgs have been cleared. We will then award those kgs to whomever the company choose on Beach Action – whether it’s a customer or an employee. Each NFT will also link back to the W3W square on Beach Action where the event took place so that recipients can see exactly when and where the plastic was cleared from the ocean. In the future we may also offer “tree planted NFTs” and other offset package NFTs.


3 – Event packages


In the third kind of CSR package companies (or individuals for that matter) can decide to sponsor an event such as a beach clean, without specifying a particular amount of plastic to be collected or trees to be planted.


Much like metric packages these actions will then be carried out by one of the Beach Collective’s  community partners worldwide and registered on Beach Action – with the credit going both to the community partner and to the account who has bought the package. Rather than a certified plastic credit, these types of clean come with a personalised video thanking the sponsors and wishing them a successful conference, happy birthday/anniversary etc.


Our CSR packages are due to launch end of Q1/beginning of Q2 along with Beach Shop. If you are a sustainable brand or business and you would like to have direct impact where it matters most then get in touch with


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