60,000 hectares of rainforest secured


Robert Cobbold


Sept. 11, 2023

Native have entered into an Memorandum of Understanding to bring to market 60,000 hectares of rainforest in the Pacific region, representing more than 20m tonnes of CO2. These squares will be issued on the basis of deforestation avoidance, with the region in question under threat of acquisition by logging and mining companies. The region is a high biodiversity area with a high degree of endemic species, and has been stewarded by indigenous communities (who have title to the land) for generations.


Native will apply our ABC weighted methodology (Additionality, Biodiversity and Community) to accurately reflect the web of value of these squares and the preservation of the biodiversity and communities who live there.


We are now engaging on a process of consultation with the communities in order to make sure that our approach and methodology has full free and informed prior consent.


These hectares will be the first supply Native, and we anticipate pre-sales of our first squares within the next month.


Native is a tool enabling you to protect the planet and support indigenous communities with transparency and accuracy. Native will disintermediate nature-based solutions in the voluntary carbon market, allowing indigenous communities to access carbon markets directly and equitably and unlocking much needed finance for the world’s most biodiverse regions and vulnerable communities.


Since all of the squares will be on display via our map, buyers will be able to track every tonne of carbon to a particular 3x3m square of territory, while all transactions will be recorded on the blockchain for end-to-end traceability in use of funds.


Native have committed to a 90/10 split with the indigenous communities who have stewarded these priceless ecological assets for many generations. This split represents a massive improvement on existing competitors, some of whom distribute as little as 14% while the majority fall within the 40%-70% range. An 8% levy (split 5/3 between the stewards and Native) on secondary market trades will ensure that communities also benefit from any future trading.


Native are in discussions about a further 10,000 hectares of blue carbon in a separate territory. 

To find out more email contact@nativeearth.io